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During our week-long trip we will

  • Visit 5 islands

  • Taste greek flavours in local tavernas

  • Swim & Snorkel in the crystal clear Ionian Sea

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Indicative programme  

*Please note that our schedule is subject to alteration due to weather conditions

Day 1

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Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Day 2


Day 6


Day 7

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Day 8


Lefkada Town - Meganisi Island

Arrivals in Lefkada island : (participants must arrive at our meeting point by 17:00 the latest)

Welcome brief – Meet your Skipper & Instructors – Embarkation – Safety instructions & familiarisation with the sailing boat. 


The unique island of Meganisi is one of those Greek destinations that boast an unspoiled beauty. The perfect place to relax, swim, gaze at the warm sun and enjoy nature. 

  • Early afternoon: Set sail to Meganisi Island

  • Overnight at Meganisi

Kalamos Island

Second stop (and overnight stay): Kalamos is part of the Ionian islands and has a surface of about 20 square kilometres and mountains, the highest of which is about 200 metres. The inhabited centre of the island is by the port of Kalamos located on the eastern side of the island. Kalamos is the ideal destination if you are looking for the real and traditional Greek atmosphere and way of living. 


The coastline has lots of plants (especially pine trees) that in the northern part of the island grow almost vertically, getting very close to the sea. Kalamos has small beaches, mainly covered in pebbles with crystal clear waters that in most cases can be accessed only by the sea.​

  • During the day: Activities according to the Sailing Retreat you have selected

  • Overnight at Kalamos

Ithaca Island

Third stop (and overnight stay): at the Island of Odysseus, Ithaca.

Can one journey provide myth and immortality? It can if the destination is Ithaca. Odysseus’ adventurous and tumultuous voyage towards his homeland made this island mythical. It turned it into a symbol for spiritual journeys, inspiration and solace.

On the way to Ithaca we will make short stops to the islands of Kastos & Atokos for swimming.


  • During the day: Activities according to the Sailing Retreat you have selected

  • Overnight at Ithaca

Assos - Kefalonia Island

Fourth stop (and overnight stay): at the Island of Kefalonia

Set sail to the islands of Kefalonia – Assos

Between the other islands of the Ionian Sea stands grand Kefalonia. Much-photographed, much-talked about, much-loved by Greeks and foreigners alike. Firstly because of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the 2001 film set on Kefalonia island that attracted so much attention, but also because of its sheer beauty, stately towns and many other impressive attractions.

Fiskardo, Assos, Myrtos Cave... the names alone are something to marvel at! Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian islands, renowned for its emerald-green mountains and the sparkling azure waters and dazzling beaches of the Ionian Sea, has been a popular holiday spot in Greece for decades. 

The inhabitants of Kefalonia have a reputation for being the wittiest Greeks – always ready with a joke, a smile and a helping hand. Their laid-back attitude toward life is infectious and within hours of your arrival, you’ll feel as carefree as they do.


  • During the day: Activities according to the Sailing Retreat you have selected

  • Overnight at Kefalonia

Fiscardo - Kefalonia Island

Fifth stop (and overnight stay): Enchanting, cosmopolitan Fiscardo.

One look at its traditional architecture, the bougainvillaea in the gardens and the majestic harbour and you’re in 18th century Italy, a close neighbour that has had so much of an influence over the Ionian Islands through the years. Walking along its narrow streets, keep an eye out for the house of the poet Nikos Kavvadias, with the inscription proclaiming that this is where he spent his childhood summers.  Take care to bump or not to bump into the odd Hollywood icon (all  depending on how star-struck you’re feeling), a frequent occurrence in the summer, as Fiscardo is a favourite amongst celebrities from all over the world.


  • During the day: Activities according to the Sailing Retreat you have selected

  • Overnight at Fiscardo

Sivota Bay - Lefkada Island 

​Sixth stop (and overnight stay): Sivota Bay - Lefkada

Sivota is a port on the southern coast of Lefkada, in a natural bay set among high green hills. It is a very picturesque place with a long sea promenade scattered with taverns, cafes and lots of flowers.


  • During the day: Activities according to the Sailing Retreat you have selected

  • Overnight at Sivota

Lefkada Island

Seventh stop (overnight stay): Lefkada Town

A jewel of an island in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is famous for its dense forests and array of world-famous beaches.

You’re bound to have seen photographs of Lefkada’s world-famous beaches. But when you arrive, you’ll quickly realize that they are even better in real life. Lefkada (or Lefkas) is easily accessible, hospitable and lively – a recipe for the perfect summer destination. 

Welcoming Lefkada town will invite you to savour its culture by walking its alleyways, listening to its folk songs, enjoying bowls of Englouvi lentils on the feast day of Agios Donatas and meeting the famous bouranelous, the city dwellers for whom angling is still a major hobby. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Lefkada Island.


  • During the day: Activities according to the Sailing Retreat you have selected

  • Overnight at Lefkada

Lefkada Island

CHECK OUT by 9:00 AM at the latest at Lefkada Port

The campers who arrive at camp are not the same campers who go home at the end of the week.


Time for hugs and goodbyes ♡

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