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Petros Kourtis

Founder - Art director

Petros Kourtis is convinced that the core of  healthy and happy people resides in the wellbeing of their body, mind and soul.

2 times Gold Award for his Project ARTVENTURE CAMP in Experiential Tourism

(Greek Tourism Awards 2019 - 2020)

Artist - Qualified "Yacht Master RYA" and experienced Skipper -

Expert in Outdoor Activities and Human Connection games

After decades as an Artist and Musician, a major milestone in Petros' career has been his collaboration with Dimitris Papaioannou for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, where he recorded with his percussions most of the

musical themes of the event.

Petros has worked with international artists such as Loorena McKenit, Al De Meola, Omar Farouk Tekbilek, Dulce Pontes, Eddy Napoli, Mira Anwar Awad, Sezen Aksu.
Born on the island of Lefkada and knowing very well the treasures of the island, he combines in a “magical way” his love for Music, Sea, Nature,

Education and Wellbeing.
He is Co-founder of the art center “Playground for the Arts”.

Founder and Art director of ARTventure productions company (since 2006)

Founder and Art Director of artistic and educational activities successfully held each year since 2012 and of Artventure Camp, MEDITERRANEAN Percussion LAB and DanSEAs sailing camp.

Irene Lamprou

Instructor  Yoga - Dance - Body awareness 

Qualified Yoga instructor and graduate of School of Physical Education and Sports Science in the University of Athens.

For the last ten years, she has been teaching yoga to adults and kids after having been instructed by Alessandro Ortona.

She began with classical ballet and continued it until the age of 18.

She travelled to New York for hip hop lessons and she often went to Paris for training in the Juste-Debout School, one of the biggest

professional street dance schools all over the world.

She has worked as a choreographer in dance

and theatre performances as well.
She is a coordinator of seminars on the E.RAIN method, which she herself has inspired and combines movement, dance, theatre, music, voice and yoga. Moreover, she has worked on alternative-energy therapies:

Reiki (3rd degree), Aura Soma,

Reconnection, Crystal Therapy, Theta Healing.

In 2006 she won the first place, having been chosen by the choreographer of Madonna, Eddie Morales, in a free style dance competition organized by NIKE in Athens. After that, she represented Greece in the European competition in the Netherlands as a NIKE woman, where,

with Sofia Boutela among the judges, she was one of the finalists.
Irene believes that every moment is precious and is always looking

to deepen her understanding of life.

She is  an indispensable member of our family, and

Sail Your SenSEAs wouldn’t be the same without her.



Shakti teaches the art of meditation and the ancient secrets of heightened awareness to help you have a happier, more fulfilling life.

Shakti has been meditating most of her life. Her teacher was an Enlightened Zen Master and came into her life as a young adult. She was taught the ancient secrets of the masters that had come before, knowledge acquired from thousands of years in the practice of meditation. Through his teachings, Shakti developed a deeper understanding of mindfulness through meditation.

She is now passing the teachings on to you.  

There is much to learn and explore in mastering your meditation practice. Many points of interest speak to a diverse humanity!

Shakti teaches about many of these points of interest including "How To Live and Work In the World", "How To Get, Use and Not Lose Power and Energy", and most importantly, "How to Love". 

She talks about the importance of financial freedom and emphasizes how important it is to have a career you enjoy. With financial freedom, you're able to do more work in service for your fellow sentient beings!

"Success Through Meditation" is an online global community. We host beginning, intermediate, and advanced meditation groups with an emphasis on your experiences in mastering meditation. 

To that end, Shakti hosts Meditation Retreats in beautiful,

power-filled locations on our planet.

Instructor Dance Therapy - Meditation - Yoga

Esther Berg leads the 101 Times Studio in Vienna, trains Nia, leads Active Meditation and solves energetic blockades with CQM.

For many years it has been her dream to have her own studio, where she can not only share her enthusiasm for Nia, but also realize her artistic ideas.

A studio where people like to be, feel good and exchange ideas. Her education as a graduate physiotherapist is the basis of her knowledge.

She knows how the body works and how the methods she has learned have the best effect. Nia met her in 2001 and she immediately fell in love with the technique.

After the White Belt training she started giving lessons directly, and after

several further trainings she is active as a Black Belt Teacher in Germany,

Hungary and Austria since 2010.

Further training in Yoga, Ayurveda, Reconnective Healing and energy work with CQM ensure that she has built up a comprehensive knowledge of body, mind, soul and emotions as well as their interaction.


Anastasios Matzoukas

Instructor  Yoga - Pilates - Tai Chi

With 15 years of teaching training in holistic programs:

Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Tao Yin,

Anastasios is one of the most influential Yoga instructors in Greece.

Holder of a Yoga Alliance International Diploma from SriMa Transformational Yoga School from Swami Vidyananad,

Tai Chi Chuan (training at Master Fu School Neinbin in Yangshuo, China).

Anastasios has lived in China and studied next to great Tai chi and Yoga instructors.

He lead and attended many educational seminars of holistic arts started back in 1998.

He is into music and arts since childhood by playing strings,

percussion and wind instruments.

He is characterized by extroversion & self-confidence.

He is interested in personal relations and nature and is greatly influenced

by the environment around him.

The purification of the body and the mind through exercise has always been

of the utmost importance for Anastasios.

Ainola Terzopoulou

Instructor Pilates - Yoga - Wellbeing coach

Ainola Terzopoulou was born, lives and works in Athens.

She is journalist and the creator of, advocating that

wellness and wellbeing - physical and psychological - as an attitude is a personal recipe and a way for a better life.

She has been certified as an instructor in the Pilates method,

in the 200-RYT Yoga Alliance and in bodyArt by Robert Steinbacher

and she was trained and certified as a NLP Master & New Code Practitioner

by NLPGreece official body of the University of Santa Cruz – California, where she participates as a wellbeing coach in the nlpingreece® team.


Michalis Konidaris

Skipper - Physical Fitness Instructor and Sea activities expert

A qualified professional skipper, an expert in sea activities and a graduate of the Department of Physical Education & Sports Science of the Athens Gymnastics Academy with specialty in Αthletics.

He has attended several Aerobic - Yoga - Pilates classes

and training courses.

He is also a Coach at the Swimming & Athletic Academies

on his island, Lefkada. 

Michalis considers himself an "collector of experiences",

he loves travelling, trekking and sailing with people who share the same philosophy

for life and nature. 

His motto: "Fill your life with experiences, not things.

Have stories to tell, not things to show"

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